Frequently asked questions

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Why choose Los Cabos Plastic Surgery?

Los Cabos is a world known tourist destination. The city of San Jose del Cabo, where we are located, has an international airport. Most major U.S. cities are within a 2-3 hour flight.

A carefree and easy lifestyle is easily available here, which makes it an ideal place to recuperate after an aesthetic surgery.

You will receive quality, warm, caring and experienced attention, in addition to taking in the sights of this beautiful tourist destination.

May I take a friend to accompany me during my procedure?

Of course you can. Each patient may bring 1 or 2 friends or family members to accompany them during their post operation period and we can provide the arrangements. We can make your hotel reservation obtaining a special rate for you in a beautiful resort, that will be added on to the final cost of your procedure.

Do you offer a complete all inclusive package?

Yes, once your initial appointment takes place and you decide on the specific procedure you will have done, you can take advantage of different packages we offer that include transportation from the time you arrive to the airport to your departure, medical fees, operating room , recovery area, hotel reservation, etc.

Are there complication risks?

Yes, even though these are uncommon any surgery entails risks.

Any extra medical fees or extra hospital stay due to any complication will have an additional cost.

All complication risks can be explained in detail before you decide on any procedure.